District Level Principal Agriculture Office at Malappuram 1
Block Level Asst. Director of  Agriculture Offices in 14 Blocks 14
Panchayat Level Krishi Bavan (94 panchayats and 5muncipalitis ) 99

Soil Testing Laboratories

Stationery 1   in Malappuram
Mobile 1   in  Malappuram

Agricultural Engineering Office   at Anakkayam


1 Seed Garden Complex Munderi
2 District Agricultural Farm Chungathara
3 Coconut Nursery & Parasite Breeding  Station Parappanangadi
4 State Seed Farm Anakkayam
5 State Seed Farm Chokkad
6 State Seed Farm Thavanoor
The Agriculture Department in Malappuram District is taking sincere effort for carving out a dynamic and vibrant agriculture sector responsive to the needs of local farming community. The role and responsibility of Krishi Bhavan, the grass root level structural and functional unit of the agriculture department and the basic contact point of the farming community is very significant in planning, formulation and execution of viable and need based programme for Agriculture department in the peoples planning programme, and implementation of state and central sectoral scheme. Krishi Bhavan also act an effective transfer of technology agents in the agricultural sector. Proper guidance for krishi Bhavan officer will be imparted by Asst. Director of Agriculture   and district level offices. The following  are the scheme implemented by the department.

                            Crop production programme


Sustainable Development of Rice based farming system through group action.

                The scheme intends to sustain the rice cultivation and to increase the production and productivity. Financial assistance will be given for the following programmes.

State sector scheme

  • Rs. 500/- hectore will be provided as subsidy for input like seeds, fertilizer, organic, PPC lime  etc..

  • Production bonus at the rate Rs 350/- per hectore .

  • Assistance for development of infrastructure facilities.

  • Assistance for paddy development agency in Ponnani kele area, for input liked seeds, lime, PPC, petty & para , motor , infrastructure Development.

Central sector scheme

Assistance will be provided for the  following components. Seeds @ Rs. 5/ kg, Lime @ Rs. 600/ ha, Biofertilizer and integrated nutrient management @ Rs 4000/ per Hectare, weedicid   @ Rs 200/-   per Hectore.

For starting coconut  Demonstration plots Rs 17500/- per hectore will be  provided as subsidy.

Production and distribution of quality coconut seedlings from departmental farms.


Coconut Development

The scheme aims at increasing the production and productivity  of coconut. Following components will be implemented under the scheme.

  • Fertilizer subsidy to coconut palm @ Rs 10/- palm.

  • Subsidy for irrigation well and pumpset @ Rs 3500/- unit.

Coconut  Board Scheme

For starting coconut  Demonstration plots Rs 17500/- per hectore will be  provided as subsidy.

Production and distribution of quality coconut seedlings from departmental farms.


Intensitive Vegitable Development Programme:

  This component will be implemented through Haritha Sangama. Compact area of 5 ha  should be  identified for each Haritha Sangam. 50% assistance for cost of seed, organic, Organic manure, plant protection chemicals, Irrigation facilities, pandal etc. limited to Rs 10,000 / hectore will be provided.

  School Garden

An assistance of Rs 1000/- will be provided to each school for meeting cost of seeds, manures and fertilizeirs, plant protection chemicals, Agricultural impliments fencing etc, for cultivating 10 cents. Assistance of Rs. 6000/- well and Rs 7500/- pumbset will be provided for digging well and installing pump set to raise vegetable garden in more than 25 cents in schools.
       Awards Awards will be provided for best Haritha Sangam and best school garden at state level and district level as follows.

State level –   Best Haritha Sangam

First Prize Rs 1 Lakh
Second Prize Rs 0.25 Lakh

District Level – Best Harith Sangam -   Rs 10,000.

        Schools                            Teachers

Prize State(Rs) District(Rs) Prize State(Rs) District(Rs) 
I 10,000 5,000 3,000 8,00
II 5,000 3,000 II 2,000 5,00
III 3,000 2,000 III  1,000 2,00
Vegitable Developments 100% Css Under the scheme subsidy of Rs 10,000/- hector  for seed production @ 500/ per hectore for Hybrid seed demonstration plot, @ Rs 10,000/- for well  Rs.4,000/- pump set etc will be provided.
Horticulture Therapy The out-lay provided in the scheme will be utilised for cultivation of vegitable, fruts, flowers and tapioca in the area available in sanitarium, orphanages etc. Assistance will be provided for purchasing seeds, seeding, fertilizes pestiude, Agriculture implements, PP equipments and to establish irrigation unit @ Rs 19,500/-  unit.
Development of fruit Assistance will be given for area expansion of fruit crops like Banana, Mango, Sapota and other miscellanious fruits @ of Rs 5,000/- ha.
    Cashew Assistance will be given for area expansion and rehabitation, grafts will be supplied free of cost and assistance for organic manure application @ Rs5/ grafts will be provided. Subsidy @ Rs 1,000/ hector will be provided for plant protection measures.
    Pepper In order to meet the growing demand of rooted pepper cutting of high yielding varities for new planting, replanting and   gap filling rooted pepper cuttings of high yielding varieties will be produced in departmental farms and distributed through Krishi Bhavan.

Assistance @ Rs 7000/ hectores will be provided for intercropping of pepper in coconut gardens, and @ Rs 4000/ hectores for rehabitation of old and senik pepper garden. For adoption of plant protection measures subsidy limited to 50% cost of P.P. chemicals @ Rs 1860/ ha will be prvided. For plant protection equipments subsidy @ Rs. 800/ equipments and soil conservation subsidy @ Rs 600/ ha will also be provided. Training programmes will be arranged under the scheme. 

Transfer of Technology and Research Programme


Training Programme

For effective transfer of new technology in agriculture training programme will be conducted for field level extention  functonaries including agricultural assistants, Agriculture Officers, Asst. Directors of Agriculture and farmers. District level, Block level and Panchayat lavel training programme will be arranged with the participation of expert in the subjects.  

Promotion of Agriculture extention

Detailed technical interface discussions conducted at District level participating technocrats of the Agriculture Departments, Kerala Agriculture University and research institutions. The information of the discussions will be percolated to Block and Panchayat level, for helping the farmer to increase the production and productivity of Crops cultivated and to tackle specific problem faced by them.

Public Participation in Agricultural Production Programme

The scheme is intended for organizing melas, seminars, farmers day etc. involving local bodies and for providing awards and incentives to outstanding farmers, farm journalists, farm workers etc.

Contractual research, front line demonstration and adaptive treats

Contractual research is undertaken by the scientists of Agricultural Universities to solve local specific problem. These will include innovative farming system, crop diversification etc.

Adaptive trials will be undertaken in departmental farms and use the technologies already developed through contractual research.

Front line demonstration will be organized in farmers fields to proven the developed technology. It help to assure and analyse the constraints for a scientific feed back.

Planting Materiel Production Programmes

Paddy Seed Production Programmes Seed villages will be identified and farmers will be selected as seed growers under seed act. Foundation seed of high yielding Variety will be supplied free of cost to growers for multiplication.  Technical guidance and seed certification procedure will be followed up by the concerned agricultural officer  group farming samathis will procure good quality seeds and will distribute to farmers.  Assistance Rs @ 4000/hectares will be   provided including the seeds cost, production incentive, packing and  labelling charges. 
Vegetable Seed     Production

Foundation seeds will be supplied to frames selected for seeds production. production incentive @ Rs 10,000/hectores will be provided as assitance.

Department  Frames Departmental  farms in the District in entrusted with the production of planting materials as follows.

SGC  Munderi - Cocount seedlings, Vegetable seeds, seed Rhizomes of Ginger, Turmeric, Bannana,suckers root and Tubers, Cashew grafts rooted pepper cuttings, kodumpuly grafts.

DAF Chungathara - Cashew grafts, Mango grafts, sapota grafts, Jack grafts, cinnamon seedlings, Clove seedlings, Champa, Rose Apple, Star Apple, Cherry layers, Guava layers, rooted pepper cuttings, Vegetable seeds, Ginger and Turmeric, seeds rhizomes, Garecinia ( kodumpuly grafts).

Cocount Nursery,Parappanangadi - Coconut seedlings,pepper cuttings, clove, Ginger, Turmeric and Vegetable seeds.

Parasite Breeding Station Parappanangadi -  Larval parasites of Braconbrev, ecornes and pupal parasites against Nephantis serinopa.

State Seed Farm, Chokkad - Paddy seed, pepper cuttings, Bannana suckers, Vegetable seeds.

State Seeds Farm, Thavanoor - Paddy seed, pepper cuttings, Vegetable seeds,  vetiver stips.

State Seed Farm, Anakkayam - Paddy seeds rooted pepper cuttings, Vegetable seeds.

Fertilizers and Quality Control Programmes

Integrated Nutrient Management

I. Soil Health  Clinic- Campaigns will be arranged in padasekarams and fileds for collection of soil samples and the samples will be  analysed in the soil  testing laboratories and the result will be discussed in the  camps/group meetings organized in the group farming samathies and enlighten the farmers about the Integrated Nutrient Management System.   Awareness campaigne will be organized on the use of organic manures, Biofertilizers and production of vermi compost. Demonstrations will be conducted on Integrated Nutrient Management System.

II. Bio-Fertilizers Kits – Inorder to popularise the application of Bio-Fertilizers  kits of 200 gm will be supplied free of cost.

III. Vermi Compost - Demonotration plot of Vermi compost will be conducted and  assistance will be given @ Rs 5000/- per compost pit.

V. Promotion of Green Manure Cultivation - Sabsidy will be provided for green manure seeds @ Rs 8/Kg.

Pest Control Programmes

Integrated Pest Management Activities under Integrated Pest Control will be taken on pudarekaram basis.  The farmers will be given 10 days training and 1 pm kits containing insect sweepers, folded lenes, Bruash, Water glass, polybay other stationary materials etc..
Mobile Agro Clinic One Mobile Agro clinic is functioning in the District.
Rapid Action Force On the sudden pest/disease out break rapid action force of the directorate ofAgriculture will reach the affected area and recommoned suitable remedial measures. P.P. Chemicals will be supplied at 50% subsidy rate.
Rodent Control Assistance at the rate Rs 75000/- will be provided for conducting Rodent control campaigns.  10 gm of zine phosphide/ Bromalidone will be distrubuted to each house hold free of cost.

Farm Mechanisation Programmes

Subsidy will be provided for purchase of Tractors, power tillers, threshers, dusters, power sprayers etc. under the scheme, @ Rs 30,000/ tractor and tiller and 10,000 for threshers, dusters, power sprayers etc.

Innovative Agricultural Programmes.

1. Tissue Culture facillites-  For  tissue culture a Bio- Techonology Lab is established at Kezhakottam,Thiruvananthapuram.

2.   Promotion of Innovative Agriculture/ Hi-Tech Agriculture.

     The Scheme intends to nature and develop all innovature hi-Tech Agri business venture by giving suitable and need based support.

3.  Biogas Development - Subsidy will be provided @ Rs 2300/ biogas plant and necessary guidence for construction will be imparted by the department.

Agricultural Marketing and quality Control Programmes

1. Training of marketing personnel for giving a background and current knowldge in marketing activites

2. Market Inter vention support for price stabililsation under the programme  procurement operations of paddy, coconut areacanut, rubber etc. are arranged through Service Co-operative Banks/ Societies to stabilise the price of Agricultural product, during peak harvesting season and for providing remuneration price to grower.

Crop Damage Relief Programme

Crop Insurance - The crop insurance fund created at the state level is for giving relief consistance to major 25 crops, if they are subject to frequent damage due to natural calamities. The crops     under this scheme coconut, Areacanut, Rubber, Cashew, Tapioca, Banana, Pineapple, Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger,Vegetables, Nutmeg, Clove, Betelvine, Pulses, Tuber crops, Sugar cane, Tobacco and Rice. Relief  assistance will be given for natural calamities like drought, storm, cyclone, flood, land slide, Forest fire, sea erosion, earth quake, and lightening.

Contingency Programme to meet Natural Calamities  -   The Scheme envisages to keep a buffer stock of short duration variation of paddy and other planting materials in order to provide immediate relief to farmers in time of natural calamity like flood or drought.

Relief existance to Natural Calamity  - Relief existance will be provided to farmers in time of natural calamity from the state revolving fund operated by District Collectors, Rate of remuneration is given Below.

Natural calamity – Remuneration rate of crops

Sl.No Name of crop Unit Remuneration Rate (Rs)
1 Paddy Ha 1500
2 Coconut Bearing 300
3 Coconut Nonbearing 100
4 Coconut Upto 1year 25
5 Banana Bunched 25
6 Banana Non bunched 12
7 Rubber Being tapped 60
8 Rubber Un tapped (more then 3 year’s old) 25
9 Cashew Bearing 60
10 Cashew Non bearing 20
11 Areacanet Bearing 45
12 Areacanut Non bearing 30
13 Coca Bearing 45
14 Coffee ------ 30
15 Pepper Bearing 20
16 Ginger 10 Cents 50
17 Turmeric 10Cents 50
18 Tapioca 25Cents 50
19 Ground nut Ha 750
20 Sesames  Ha 750
21 Vegetable 10 Cent 50
22 Nut meg Bearing/tree 1000
23 Nut meg Non bearing 50
24 Clove Bearing 75
25 Clove Non bearing 25
26 Cardamon Ha 1500
27 Betel vine 1 Cent 150
28 Pulses Ha 350
29 Minor tubules 10 Cent 50
30 Sugar Cane Ha 1250
31 Pine apple 10 Cent 125

Women Development Programmes.

The Scheme is to motivate and mobilise women farmers through a group appoach.  These group would form an effective  net work  for  channalising Agricutlural development programmes . The Targetted women group will be trained in relevant technologies and would be given required Agricultural inputs during the project period.

Other Schemes

I.  National watershed Development Programmes for  Rainfed Areas.

        The National watershed development project proposes for organising integrated watershed management activities in selected watershed details are given below

a)  Basic Activity  - This includes survey and projectisation Establishment of Nurseries, Training, establishement and management, resarch activites and innovative reserve.

b) Project Activities - Include  conservation and production system of arable land, nonarable land, drainage line treatment, live stock management, homestead garden and production system.

The selected watershed in Malappuram District are as follows :-

1. Nannamukku  2. Kendayar   3. Kandengalpadi  4. Kalanthodikadavil  5. Manalaya  6. Valiyangadi  7. Palachiramadu 8.  Talukkara  9. Venchali  10. Moozhikkal kadavu 11. Vellachal  12. Valassery  13. Pattippara Chettanpadi  14. Ramankuth - manalippadam.

2. Use of Plastics in Agriculture.    

Assistance will be provided for Drip Irrigation Sprinkler Irrigation and green houses. Rate of subsidy will be as follows.

1. Drip Irrigation - 50% subsidy limited to Rs. 25000/Ha.

2. Sprinkler Irrigation   Rs 15000 /Ha

3. Green Houses

3. Free supply of electricity to small and marginal farmers

   The scheme provided exemption of electricity for all crops up to 2 hact.


Sl No. Crops Minimum No/ Area of Crop required for insurance Age of the crop to be Insured Premium Amount Rate of Compensation
1. Coconut 10 Nos Palm giving a minimum of 30 coconuts per year Rs. 2/- palm for 1 year (Rs.5/- palm if premium deposited for 3 year to together) Rs. 1000/- per palm


2. Areacanut 10 Nos Bearing Rs.1/- Palm/year Rs.2/- per palm/3year Rs. 100/- per palm
3. Rubber 25 Nos Tapping trees Rs. 2/- per tree/year Rs. 5/- tree/for 3 years Rs. 500/- per tree
4. Cashew 5 Nos Bearing Rs. 2/- per tree/year Rs. 3/- per tree/ 5 year Rs. 200/- per tree
5. Banana 10 Nos 1-5 Months after planting Rs. 2- per plant Rs. 20/- without Rs.50/- for with bunches
6. Tapioca 0.2 ha. 1.5 months after planting Rs. 2/- for 0.20 ha Rs. 100/- for 0.02 ha (Rs. 5000/- ha)
7. Pineapple 0.02 ha 1.6 months after planting Rs. 25/- for 0.02 ha Rs. 500/ for 0.02 ha (Rs. 25000/- per ha)
8. Pepper Vines in 15 standards Bearing Rs.1/- per standard/Rs. 2/- per standard per 3 year Rs. 40/- per standard year
9. Cardomom 1 ha Bearing Rs. 1000/- ha./year Rs. 30,000/- per ha. Rs. 2500/ha/3 years
10. Ginger 0.02 ha 1-5 months Rs.10/- for 0.02 ha after planting Rs. 800/ - for 0.02 ha Rs.40,000/- per ha.
11. Tumeric 0.02 ha 1-3 months after planting Rs. 10/- for 0.02 ha Rs. 800/- for 0.02 ha Rs. 40,000/- for 1 ha
12. Coffee 10 trees Bearing Rs. 1/- per plant/year Rs.2-er plant/3 year Rs. 75/ per plant
13. Tea 1 ha picking stage Rs. 1000/- ha/year rs. 2500/- ha per 3 years Rs. 60,000/-per ha
14. Cocoa 5 Nos Bearing Rs.1/- per tree/year Rs. 2/- per tree/3 year Rs. 35/-per tree
15. Groundnut 0.1 ha 1-2 months after planting Rs.25/-for 0.1 ha Rs. 800/- for 0.1 ha Rs. 8000/- for ha.
16. Sesamum 0.1 ha 1 week to 1 month after sowing Rs. 25/- for 0.1 ha Rs. 500/- for 0.1 ha Rs.5000/- for 1 ha.
17. Vegetables 0.04 ha 1 week to a months after planting Rs.10/- for 10 cents Rs. 600/- for 10 cents
18. Nutmeg 5 Nos. Bearing Rs. 2/- per tree/year Rs.5/- per tree/3 years Rs. 200/- per tree
19. Clove 5 Nos. Bearing Rs. 2/- per tree/yearRs. 5/- per tree/3 year Rs. 150/- tree
20. Betelvine 1 Cent Started bearing Rs. 5/- Cent/year Rs. 250/cent
21. Pulses 0.1 he 2nd week to 1/2 month after planting Rs. 12.50.01 he Rs. 250/0.1 he(Rs. 2500/he)
22. Tuber crops (Amarpho Phollous sweet Patato) 0.02 he mon1st month to 3rdth Amorphopholous Rs.5/- after planting Amorphopholous Rs. 500/ 0.02 he sweet potato (Rs. 25000/he) sweet potato Rs.200)-0.02 he (Rs. 10,000/he)
23. Sugarcane 0.1 he 1st month to 3rd month 4.60/0.1 he Rs. 3000/0.1 he (Rs. 30,000/he)
24. Tobacco 0.02 he 2nd week to 2nd month after planting 4.2/0/2 he Rs. 400/0/02 he (Rs.20,000/he)
25. Paddy 0.1 he 15th day to 2nd month after planning/sowing

Rs. 25/0.1 he

Rs. 3000/he if within 45 days After 45 days Rs. 5000/he


        All the  development programs of the department   is implemented keeping the farmer topmost in mind. At present the farmer are struggling for survival in the midst of crisis caused by biotic & economic factors ie   falling of prices and increasing  cost of  cultivation and increasing diesis pest incidence . The departmental officials stands with the farming community and extend all possible help to solve their problems in all possible ways.

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